Farm Stand Together

Delicious Food, on your Terms, in your Community

Farm Stand Together helps connect food-insecure households with healthy, locally grown food. We work with small-scale, organic farms throughout Vermont to purchase gift cards that we distribute to eligible households. These gift cards can be used to purchase fresh produce, meat, and other farm products at the farm stands of our partner farms.


Buy what you want and need – there are no strings attached to your gift card. Shop at the location that's most accessible to you.


Use your Farm Stand Together gift card to reduce the cost of buying local food.


Buy food grown and produced thoughtfully to provide nutritious – and delicious – food.


Keep Vermont money in the Vermont community. Shop for your groceries from farmers and producers in your own area.

Donate to Farm Stand Together and Make a Difference in Vermont

Your tax-deductible donation supports local farms and families, helping to ensure food access for all through sustainable farming practices. Join us in building a more equitable food system for everyone in our community.

Get Started

Apply for a gift card

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023 season of our farm stand gift card program.  Please email us if you'd like to be on the mailing list for 2024.

Use your Gift Card at your local farm stand 

You’ll use the gift card at your community farm stand where you can shop for a variety of fresh and seasonal foods, including products like meat, bread, pizza, salsa, and canned items, in addition to the vegetables and fruit you’d expect.  You can shop at a time that works for you and buy what you want and need.

Bring home the food to heat up, cook and enjoy

Shop weekly at the farm stand or stock up for longer.  Consider the farm stand your new grocery store. 

2024 Farm Partnerships

Farm Stand Together is seeking partners for the 2024 growing season until March 1, 2024. We evaluate applications for partnership against the following criteria. Apply online here!

Basic Requirements

Farm Stand Accessibility

Agricultural Practices

Community Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this program is available to anyone. We recognize that people's food needs can change over time, and hope to provide food security to the broadest possible audience. While anyone can apply, we ask that you only apply for a gift card if you are experiencing food insecurity.

How many people receive cards, and how much money is available on the cards, will be determined by the number of applicants and their individual needs. Applicants will be prioritized based on need, location, and farmstand capacity.

In June, we will contact you to inform you whether you have been selected to receive a gift card, and provide details on how gift cards will be distributed. We expect to send gift cards by August 1st. 

Every household included in the program will receive a single card, with a minimum card value of $50.

We will be providing physical cards to anyone receiving them.

You can find a list of Vermont farm stands on NOFA Vermont's website!

About Farm Stand Together

Farm Stand Together is a charitable nonprofit organization based in Vermont that provides mutual food aid to food insecure households throughout the state. The organization was created in 2022 as a pilot program by Justin Reidy and Meaghin Kennedy, who wanted to find a new way of addressing food insecurity. They realized that digital point of sale systems used by small farms throughout Vermont could make it possible to buy gift cards to give directly to people who needed help, without the limitations and paperwork of traditional food aid programs.

In our first two seasons, Farm Stand Together has distributed $22k worth of gift cards to 288 food insecure families, via gift cards at 10 different farm stands.  

Farm Stand Together is working to create a more equitable food system in Vermont by supporting local farms and families, helping to ensure food access for all through sustainable farming practices.